Want free BRUCE multi-media? Here it is!

Tons of stuff to get to in this post! Which is another way of saying that I know we didn’t post hardly anything last week, but don’t go hating on us because, Christ, how about that hurricane? (full disclosure: Carlindustries HQ is 3,000 miles west of the Jersey shore) Also, given the official Oct 30 publication date things got hectic in a way that seemed to redefine hecticity with each passing hour.

Being pathologically disorganized didn’t help matters, either.

But check THIS out — it’s a new video trailer for BRUCE, all about Clarence Clemons and the intense impact he and Bruce Springsteen had on one another’s lives!

But don’t stop there…here’s something even cooler: A 10-minute preview of the BRUCE audiobook, with Bobby Cannavale making it sound so awesome. And trust me, you HAVE to hear him reading Bruce’s parts. Floors me every time.

Check out the extended audio excerpt by clicking on the cover below.

BRUCE Audiobook Excerpt







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