Today's PMAL reviews: People and UW Daily. Also: New work on 'other writing' and more!

Okay, let’s do this thing.

Nice reviews for PAUL McCARTNEY: A LIFE in People (check the ‘great reads’ page) and the University of Washington Daily. The latter online, the former availble for purchase (and, let’s face it, skimming at the grocery store), as of today or tomorrow, depending where you live.

Another add to the Mississippi Studios tribute on Nov 18: Sneakin’ Out. Whee! Funner and funner.

Oh, wait, and more: If you haven’t checked out the ‘Other Writings’ page, or even if you have, take a look: I just put a bunch of new/old stuff, including profiles of John Cleese and Ernest Hemingway from a decade ago, and a very long Beach Boys/Brian Wilson piece that was an ‘American Heritage’ cover story in 2004.

And more: Saw a wonderful blog post by Mitch Berg about Bruce Springsteen, pegged to Garry Tallent’s b-day. Enjoyed it thoroughly, then clicked on Berg’s site and noticed, what ho!, that he’s posting on a pretty fiercely conservative political website out of Minnesota. So we’re back to the Chris N. Christie mystery – the weirdness of the right-wing Springsteen super-fan – which both intrigues and puzzles me. No disrespect to Berg – can I say again how terrific his post was? – but I swear to you, I’m cogitating upon, and will post in the very near future, a serious essay on wtf these guys might be thinking, being so devoted to a writer/musician/statesman of sorts, whose political voice not only rings through virtually all of his music, but in so doing, speaks out angrily against virtually everything they seem to believe in. Coming soon! I swear!

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