Tiger's Original Sin: "He took the lower standard of humanity."

An unidentified caller left this message at my office the other day. He doesn’t care about golf either, and has a whole other perspective on Tiger’s original sin. He didn’t leave his name or number, but all of these words are his. I wish he’d call me back so we could talk more. I like how he thinks.

Hey, that was an interesting article about Woods’ world turning against him? Yeah well, what world was his world? The world that subscribed because he got money, that they’ll do anything for him? Or is it the world where he rejected his own heritage. because you got to remember that if you got even one ounce of black blood in this country you’re considered black. You can’t be the other race.

But for a lot of blacks who pay attention and know what this world is about, particularly in this country, when that fool chastised Rev. Sharpton and Warren Ballantine, 1480 early in the morning, from 6 am until 1 pm, black radio, when they defended him from that crazy white woman who said they needed to lynch him, and he came back and tried to dress them down in public, you know, that tells us right there and then that he had already went there. He took the lower standard of humanity, and that’s the white world.

So nobody turned against him, he turned into what y ‘all created, and he became one of you guys, so you know. So re-write it. Peace out.

I’d leave my number but y’all never call back. So, yeah. We knew that. Black people already knew that. A lot of people who defend him, like Charles Barkley and all that, all of them love white  women, too. And you know there ain’t never been no black women around him? Not even his maid! Not even the people who do his toilets!

Check it out! Be a real reporter! Peace!

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