“This has got to be the saddest day of my life….”: Carlos and Sydney and the Manhattans’ ‘Kiss and Say Goodbye.’


The Manhattans’ great 1976 ballad isn’t really about the doomed love of Carlos Danger and Sydney Leathers. But if you let your imagination run and squint your eyes just a little bit…

I called you here for a bit of bad news. I won’t be able to see you no more, because of my (pause) obligations. And the ties that you have..

Real or virtual, 20th century or 21st, forbidden love is forbidden love. And in “Kiss and Say Goodbye” all the guilt, sorrow and resignation sighs, weeps and whooos in a beautiful, summery tangle. You could hear it form every car window and sway dreamily while slow-dancing your crush to the shady part of the lawn.

..We’ve been meeting here everyday. And since this is our last day together, I want to hold you just one more time…

Say what you will about Carlos, Sydney and the wickedness of stolen love and/or naughty texts. But spin this song just one time and feel their pain. It’s so hard to kiss and say goodbye. Especially in a text.

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