The Universe Does Not Want Me To Blog

The precious! The precious! 

I started writing this a few minutes ago, noting how I’d spent all this time trying to write a big Chicago Retrofit Guide entry, only to crap out a couple of times, and how this was both caused by and yet also accelerating this decreasingly vague sense of unease and disconsolation I’d been feeling. . . then the blog page began to send me weird messages, then crashed, and so the blog entry I actually HAD succeeded in writing was destroyed, just like that.

Damn you, universe.

This blog entry has become my own personal unobtainium. It’s elusive, it’s shiny, it floats in some kind of pocket-sized gravity-free zone I have on my desk, and I will kill anyone or thing in order to get it. You have been warned.

Speaking of “Avatar,” here’s some kick-ass comedy that has nothing to do with that movie, unless you’re a game fish of some sort, and these chunky southerners are like your Sky People come down to do you in. Only here bad things happen to them. Hilariously!

Less hilarious, but still worth checking out: The original Hammond audition performance of Bruce Springsteen’s “If I Was the Priest.” 

And that’s what I’ve got for you today. I’ll finish the Chicago piece, I swear, soon. Ish.

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