The fairies from hell: The Wombats find the darkness in the party lights

Holy shit, we’re at a rave! Taut bodies half naked and writhing in lasered neon; faces pie-eyed, frothy, glowing with youth, energy and nary a hint of the sadness waiting in the mist outside.

There’s a story going on here…part rom-com, part action-adventure, two parts incipient tragedy. Does any kind of fun come for free? What happens when the sun comes up? What if you backfire at the disco? These are some of the most essential questions in pop music, and our favorite Wombats deliver the goods here with a cavern-full of melody, wit and and sweet poignance. The first selection, just below, is priceless. Plus, the guy plays guitar with a violin bow. To great effect!

“She said I should come over, tho the music’s not my type/Don’t you know I’d chop limb off, just to have a good time?”

The song is called “Techno Fan,” here’s the sweet arrangement from the “Acoustic Glitch” sessions:

You can hear another, funnier version of the same story in “Let’s Dance to Joy Division,” from “…Love, Loss and Desperation” (“Let’s dance to Joy Division, and celebrate the irony/Everything is so wrong, but we’re so happy!”)

And here come the fairies from hell, chased from the woods by Puck his own puckish self, in “Party in the Forest.”

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