The book is coming! Advance sales are HUGELY Important! The author is exceptionally needy!

Pub Date Approaches! Advance Sales ROCK! Ordering PMAL now would be SUCH a killer thing to do!

November 3 is the big date. Here in the USA, anyway. Your country (Venezuela’s in the house. . . don’t think I didn’t notice) may vary. But here’s the deal: I’m really hoping to give this sucker an epic launch. The best possible thing to insure this happens would be for you, and everyone you know (and lots of people you don’t, but let’s just leave that alone) went to Amazon, Powell’s, BN.Com, Borders, or wherever you like to buy books in advance, and clicked the ‘buy’ button. Repeatedly, even. Think of the kids! The neighbors! Perfect strangers! Because then we’ll get Paul’s story (my version of it, at least) riding high in the eastern horizon. Or something.

Check the Amazon and Powell’s click-throughs on the right side of this screen.

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So thanks. A lot. I really appreciate it.

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