The Beach Boys in Concert program, 1964: A chronicle of death, hate, tragedy and litigation foretold

Oh, the Beach Boys of 1964. So young and carefree. So sunny and guile-free. All harmony and sweet, beaming faces.

Your summer dream, times five. And they made it look so easy, too!

“The most beautiful part of this whole story,” Brian Wilson, 22,  gushed to the unnamed author of the text inside the program sold at the group’s concerts that Beatle-fired year, “is the way this musical (sic) awkward squad pulled together to form a team and the significant part each one played in building the organization.”

Oh, it was pretty to think so. But just wait a few years. Months, really. Then cue the demons, jealousy, booze, drugs, spooky murderous cults, wacko psychologists and on and on and on. . .

And the weirdest thing? It’s all right there in the ’64 tour program. Read a little further, into the individual profiles of the boys in the band. Don’t bother reading between the lines. It’s all there in the text.

Shall we?

BRIAN WILSON – He has the magic touch that turns wax to gold. . .The other four boys generally accept Brian’s judgments and decisions but they sound off loud when they don’t see eye to eye with him. He readily gives in when a better idea is presented….peace in the family and harmony in the group are more precious than rubies. . .He has a sense of humor that ranges from the whimsical to the way-out.

MIKE LOVE – Mike Love, 23, has a complicated and dual personality. He is both kind and sarcastic, neat and scruffy, carefree and cautious. . .if he can’t make like an expert, his inferiority complex shows up like a walrus in a goldfish bowl. . .”Friends tell me my humor is is often sarcastic but that stems from impatience, I think…the Beatles are okay but I like girls better.”

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ALAN JARDINE – Although he and Mike both live in Manhattan Beach, they never see each other outside of work. . .loves liver.

CARL WILSON – Carl is generous, kind, affectionate, conscientious, cooperative and stronlgy attached to his home and family, especially to big brother Brian, whom he worships. . .”without the Beach Boys I’d be nothing.”

DENNIS WILSON – The group’s glad-hander, good-timer, mad-mixer and sex-pot. . .he loves to run barefoot through the fields of flower-eating starlets. “Three of us are brothers and we naturally get into some pretty good scraps which blow over soon. . .they tell me I’m the guy with the quick temper and far-out temperament. When I look into the big baby blue eyes of a long-haired girl I can agree with anything she says. . .”

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