Seattle, Sept 28: BRUCE Comes to the Royal Room


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Seattle friends! Finally, we get a chance to hang out for an evening, have a little BRUCE talk and best of all listen to a lot of Springsteen music from some of the region’s best musicians.

I so want you to be there. All of you. It’s been too long, for one thing, and so why don’t we fix that with a night of good music, good food and jinks that might be higher than any of us expect?

It’s so happening. September 28.

Here are the specs:

Saturday, September 28 – 9 pm.
The Royal Room — 5000 Rainier Ave S.: 206.906.9920
Featuring (so far)
Hondo II
Whiting Tennis
Tommy Gunn
Jared Clifton
Magic Mirrors
PLUS: Surprise guests and more, more, more.