Seattle Bruce tribute on Saturday Night, live Linda Ronstadt interview on Tuesday and more!


The Athens, Ga. Bruce tribute came off so great last night — see this wrap-up on today’s news page — it’s hard to believe I’ll be doing it again come Saturday night — two days from now, on September 28 at the Royal Room at 5000 Rainier Ave South) with a whole other cast of cool musical characters. But that’s exactly what’s happening, so come on out, toss back a few and let’s hang out again, just like we did last century when I was growing up (and having a ball) on Capitol Hill.

Oh but wait: I’m still in Athens, and will be hanging out, signing books and providing Q’s to A’s at the lovely Avid book shop on Prince St. The fun starts at 6:30 (pronto!) and while the Georgia Bulldogs are not the Garfield Bulldogs, it already feels like family down here. Athens is like that.

Meanwhile, you can also check out this fairly lengthy interview I did with Paul Gleason for the Caught in the Carousel website. It goes into crazy depth about some things, and reveals some scandalous things about the way I express myself in conversation when I forget it might all turn up in print, or some fuckin’ shit like that. See what I mean?

In other news: I’ll be interviewing Linda Ronstadt onstage during her appearance at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton, Or. The show starts at 7 pm and should be crowded so maybe get there early.

And do we need an excuse to check this out again? Vive el Sociedad Alternativa!

More big BRUCE News: Bruce/BRUCE tribute show in Seattle, Sept. 28


Seattle friends! Finally, we get a chance to hang out for an evening, have a little BRUCE talk and best of all listen to a lot of Springsteen music from some of the region’s best musicians.

I so want you to be there. All of you. It’s been too long, for one thing, and so why don’t we fix that with a night of good music, good food and jinks that might be higher than any of us expect?

It’s so happening. September 28.

Here are the specs:

Saturday, September 28 – 9 pm.
The Royal Room — 5000 Rainier Ave S.: 206.906.9920
Featuring (so far)
Hondo II
Whiting Tennis
Tommy Gunn
Jared Clifton
Magic Mirrors
PLUS: Surprise guests and more, more, more.