"Lost" in Translation: Go Cluck Yourself

Emotional eating, and proud of it, yo.

A very short analysis this time out, and late besides, due in part to ravenous wire-chewing squirrels (no, really, they totally cut off the Internet last night, the bastards) and the usual time/work constraints. Poor, poor, pitiful me, etc.

Ah, but “Lost.” Everybody Loves Hugo, which means a journey into the alternate life, and ever-deepening psyche of one Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes, whose happy-go-extremely-lucky alt-version in L.A. still has a bit of the spook in him, particularly when Libby shows up.

He’s puzzled at first, but intrigued, and then when she leans in for a smooch it all comes back. As Dr. Nick put it last week: Love is all you need.

But there’s a real yin-yang thing taking place between the alt-characters and their island-bound counterparts. For Hurley the consummation of his Libby fantasy seems to elevate his growing confidence a notch or three. He’s completely comfortable wielding power over Jack, for instance. And Jack is comfortable being wielded….though that look he gives not-Locke when they finally come face-to-face implies another set of feelings: the ones telling him that ultimately it’s all going to boil down to him going mano-a-mano with Smoke Boy, and whoever wins goes home with all the marbles.

Other notions:

1. That awkward bit of exposition Michael provided about the whispers (they’re the souls locked in island purgatory) worked on a narrative level, but still felt like a bit of a punt to me. I’d imagined they were, at least, the voices of time travelers, of the spirits who were simply visiting that time/place/realm but not really OF the t/p/r. That’s what I thought, anyway. And what does the purgatory answer imply about where the rest of the story is headed?

2. Not-Locke tossing Desmond into the well, and alt-Desmond running his sleek sedan right over an unsuspecting alt-Locke were obviously mirror actions, which I’d guess have something to do with the perp’s desire to drag their victim closer to the yin of their yang (or vice versa), and give them the flash of insight/connection experienced by Charlie when he was choking to death, drowning to death or otherwise having some edge-of-existence revelation. The coming attractions flashes were extremely intent on making sure we knew they weren’t dead, at any rate.

3. You know what this season lacks so far? The unexpected, yet absolutely perfect use of some obscure rock/pop oldie none of us have even thought of in decades. C’mon, dudes.

4. Here’s a prediction, stemming in part from my bitching about the whispers revelation: Gird yourself for some serious Hate about the “Lost” finale, no matter where it goes. Particularly if it goes the way I want to, with an emphasis on the dream-reality-as-deeper-truth aspects of the series. Just a prediction.