Good thing: The ontology of live nude girls


We do a lot of professional stripping here in Portland, Ore. Strip clubs throb in literally every quadrant of the city proper, and don’t even ask about the dirty business going on in between the Jiffy Lubes and lurid McBurgerJack outlets.

I don’t partake, less out of moral/ethical outrage than the simple fact that professional eroticism strikes me as basically the opposite of what I’m after on the eros front. But that’s just me.

We could — and perhaps should — go on at greater length about such sex industry; perhaps gauging the identities of the victims and the victimizers; the sense of who is actually running the game, and who is getting played. Complicated questions to be taken on another day. For now check out this five-minute report about some of Portland’s better-known dancers, club owners and assorted other sex pundits. The key words are abuse, freedom, art and empowerment.

Get it On, Bang a Gong, and in Portland You'll Fit Right In

Photo: Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian

Turns out there’s sex in Portland. Turns out there’s lots of sex in Portland. The whole story, going back to the writing of the Oregon state constitution and the randy religious culters, the many, many strip joints and the fundamentalist, yet cheerfully Sexy Christians can be found right here. Parental guidance suggested.