Joy to the World: ‘Lillyhammer’ returns for a 2nd season tomorrow! (Dec 13)


Great news for Netflix subscribers and a great reason for non-subscribers to take the plunge (which only sounds like a paid commercial message b/c I really mean it): Steve Van Zandt’s terrific comic-gangster Norway-based TV series “Lillyhammer” returns for a second season on Friday night. And you should check it out.

Funny, tense, a trifle sinister, excellent fun to watch, “Lillyhammer” plays like a Soprano-out-of-water comic-drama, with SVZ’s Silvio character living a sweet post-coma life in snowy Norway. Funny how no amount of sweet-natured socialism can keep shit from getting real, particularly when it comes to the criminal element in all of us. Very funny, in fact.

Here’s the trailer. Join Netflix and you can stream the first episode now.

Springsteen like you (probably) never heard before: Steel Mill’s “Garden State Parkway Blues”


In all its meandering, hippie-fied, pre-prog-rock glory…nearly 30 minutes of changing melodies, time signatures, moods, song structures, sunlight soldiers and guitar jams. You’ll never see the highway in quite the same way again.

Steel Mill line-up mach 2: Bruce (guitar, vocals), Danny Federici (organ), Vini Lopez (drums, recorder, vocals), Steve Van Zandt (bass, vocals)