Letter of the day: David Bragdon finds the shamanic breath of PDX in NYC

DB and PC, 9.2010

No surprise that Portland’s former Metro president David Bragdon, who moved to New York City a couple years back to work in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s city hall, quickly became a central figure in Gotham’s Portland expatriate community. Last night he sent this letter from Brooklyn, where he encountered yet another Ex-Port making her way in the naked city.

Tonight after a yoga class in Fort Greene I heard one of the other clients, a six-feet-tall black woman, ask the teacher, “When does the shamanic breathing class start? When I lived in Portland I did a lot of that.”

I asked her about living in Portland, and she said it had been her first posting in the U.S. Coast Guard. “So you were posted on Swan Island?” Yes indeed she had. “And are you posted a Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island here?” Yes indeed she is. She was somewhat surprised by my familiarity with those two somewhat obscure installations in cities distant from each other. We compared the views of Forest Park from Swan Island with the views of the Verrazano Narrows from Fort Wadsworth. She likes Portland more than she likes Staten Island. Hence her practice of shamanic breathing in a Brooklyn yoga studio.”