Video of the day: Springsteen’s live, acoustic “Your Own Worst Enemy”

bruce lod

One of my favorites among Bruce’s last few albums, “My Own Worst Enemy” works both as a romantic love-gone-wrong tale and a very non-romantic president-gone-wrong analysis. Released near the end of George W Bush’s eight years in the White House, the lyrics describe a character so deep into his/her fantasy world that all traces of reality have been banished, no matter how overwhelming they became.

The times they got too clear/So you removed all the mirrors/You closed your eyes and saw her/You knew who you were…

Stack it up any way you want. This solo version of the song, which opened Bruce’s set at the 2011 Light of Day festival at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, emphasizes its intimacy, along with the richness in the singer’s voice. I was lucky enough to be there that night and when his voice sailed higher — your flag it flew so high it drifted into the sky… — my spirit went along for the ride.