Happier holidays: Dead Parrot’s reconstructed Twitter fights.


Via our pals at gawker.com possibly the greatest-ever videos of Twitter fights reenacted by deadly serious British actors. Must be seen in order to be believed. Bitch.

Start here:

Good thing: Trailer for One Direction’s foreign film “Shadow Pico,” from Bad Lip Reading

shadow pico
Here’s the thing about these Bad Lip Reading videos: That’s a brand new genre of satire. These guys invented it. As far as I know, anyway. And they’re almost entirely hilarious. And this very elegant, heart-tugging trailer for One Direction’s first foreign language film, “Shadow Pico,” may be the best thing BLR has ever done. Enjoy.

One Direction fans in NYC are insane; not alone

When I got to Manhattan last week I became quickly haunted by what at first seemed like a throng of hurricane victims camped out on Sixth Avenue in midtown.

They seemed desperate and yearning; seeking communion with some larger force powerful enough to scoop them from the gum-speckled concrete, reverse the hurricane winds and return them to the heavenly sphere of tempest-free homes, of un-flown cars and unbarnacled kitchens. When, I wondered, would sweet relief come for these good, simple folk?

No, but fuck that, because it turned out that these blocks full of seekers were actually fans of the British boy band One Direction, who would soon play a first-come-first-in mini-show outside the Today Show studios in Rockefeller Center. Would the heavily-rouged-and-corporately-endorsed singers, the product of a British music contest show, actually sing, or simply smile and shake to a pre-recorded and I’d guess heavily synthesized backing track? Who knew? Who cared?

I might have worked this out somehow, except for that I was on a publicity tour for a book and thus operated at warp speed, usually from 7am to, and I’m not kidding, 10p or sometimes midnight and beyond, depending on distance and traffic and such. I was in the company of good people who were doing great things for my work and myself, and so in many ways the whole adventure was a best-case-scenario come to life. I did and do owe these people, bigtime.

But then I’d walk down the street again, close to dawn or well past midnight, pondering the excited, detached faces of the One Direction fans, and recognize myself as one of them. Still sleeping on the pavement, still exhausted and disheveled and yet thrilled to be there, so certain that everything I needed was just around the corner.

I’ll have more BRUCE-related news soon, including newly-scheduled appearances, readings and such. But for now check out this cool picture (complete with the Getty Images copyright box that proves that I’m basically ripping off someone by putting it here) of Eric Meola and myself with Dave Marsh, just after we guested on Dave’s ‘Live from the E Street Nation’ show on Sirius/XM’s E Street Radio. Neato, eh?