Talking Springsteen on NYC’s WNET-13


This cool story about Bruce and “The River” and the new tour aired originally a few months back, but now they’ve freshened it up to coincide with the new run of shows in the Meadowlands. It’s cool! Full disclosure: I screw up my recitation of the key first line of ‘Racing In the Streets,’ but let’s call it a momentary brain fail. A ’69 Chevy. I knew that.





Sin Will Find You Out, especially in New York City

cropped sin
Always a fine thing to remember in Hell’s Kitchen, you know. Sin and, uh, arguably more sin, and just when you can feel the glow of redemption blowing off the Hudson it’s actually the subway scattering the rats and garbage underground. And while it’s quick and convenient and relatively clean, as these things go, you really do have to mind the closing doors because those things are programmed to slide quick and stealthy and ‘forgiving’ is not written into the code.getright

Dr. Zizmor, it’s been too long. So if I see you this week we’ll raise a cup of fruit acid peel and when that thunder rises from below we’ll see the world with new eyes and feel the electricity rippling our marrow. Just make sure you get right with God first, eh?

And that goes double for you, Dr. Z.




Letter of the day: David Bragdon finds the shamanic breath of PDX in NYC

DB and PC, 9.2010

No surprise that Portland’s former Metro president David Bragdon, who moved to New York City a couple years back to work in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s city hall, quickly became a central figure in Gotham’s Portland expatriate community. Last night he sent this letter from Brooklyn, where he encountered yet another Ex-Port making her way in the naked city.

Tonight after a yoga class in Fort Greene I heard one of the other clients, a six-feet-tall black woman, ask the teacher, “When does the shamanic breathing class start? When I lived in Portland I did a lot of that.”

I asked her about living in Portland, and she said it had been her first posting in the U.S. Coast Guard. “So you were posted on Swan Island?” Yes indeed she had. “And are you posted a Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island here?” Yes indeed she is. She was somewhat surprised by my familiarity with those two somewhat obscure installations in cities distant from each other. We compared the views of Forest Park from Swan Island with the views of the Verrazano Narrows from Fort Wadsworth. She likes Portland more than she likes Staten Island. Hence her practice of shamanic breathing in a Brooklyn yoga studio.”


Good thing: Gary Winogrand: master of action photography


The guy is flying over the New York street. Upside-down. Bystanders (collaborators? The one guy looks like a circus ringmaster) beam with delight. Winogrand’s images never cease to amaze. Give it a long look.

Publicity touring in New York, New Jersey and Long Island

So why read BRUCE alone when you can go out to a friendly, nearby bookstore and have at least some of it read aloud to you by the author? Plus also you can ask questions, pose riddles or make vague philosophical assertions that end with a shrug and a sigh that speaks volumes of life’s horror and meaninglessness.  Some of these things are possibly better than the others of those things, but as ever anything can happen at any time, place or website. Dig it.


Monday, Nov 12: (tonight!) at the Monmouth Mall Barnes & Noble in Eatontown, NJ, at 7 pm.

Tuesday, Nov 13: Princeton Public Library at 65 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ at 7 pm. With historian/author Sean Wilentz, whose new study of the history of Columbia Records “360 Sound” will surely become a part of the conversation.

Wednesday, Nov 14: In Manhattan at the Fifth Ave/18th Street Barnes & Noble, at 6pm. With photographer Eric Meola, whose latest book, “Streets of Fire” collects breathtaking shots of Springsteen he took during the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” era.

Thursday, Nov 15:  Huntington, Long Island: Book Revue, 313 New York Ave at 7 pm.

I’ll also be turning up on various TV and radio shows through the week, starting with this morning’s Starting Point on CNN. Which, if you’re on the west coast, you’ll be able to catch in precisely 20 minutes from now! (7:45 am)

More soon….