Paul McCartney: A Life News

Just after 3 pm yesterday the UPS truck pulled up outside the house and there it was: one of those big fluff-filled envelopes stuffed to capacity with three copies of a brand new, entirely finished, all-but-hot-from-the-presses copies of “Paul McCartney: A Life.”

That’s a nice moment right there. I won’t bore you with the details — the gouts of tearful narcissism it inspired; etc. But I felt briefly happy and fulfilled, and for seconds on end I wasn’t quite so aggrieved about that someone I know who just lost his clarinet. Tick-tock. Then back to feeling awful and angry and how did I gain 5 pounds, like in the last month? Grr..


The book is headed your way in a few weeks.

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But wait, there’s more: If you live in the Pacific Northwest you should also save this date: November 18. Put on your rock ‘n’ roll clothes, and your reading glasses, and come to Mississippi Studios for an event we (or I, anyway) are/am calling: PAUL McCARTNEY: A LIFE IN MUSIC AND WORDS.

A whole night of Paul, with the Beatles and beyond, played by some of the PNW’s coolest musicians. Many more details to come.

‘Til then….L’Chaim! And if you find a clarinet in NW Portland, take it to Laurelhurst School. I”ll give you a copy of the book. I swear.