"Lost" in Translation: The Start of a New PAC.com Blog Series

And so it begins. . .

The final season of “Lost.” The answers to so many – if, we hope, not all – of the big questions. And a springboard for more, and deeper, thought than you’ll find on any major network TV series since. . . well, since ever.

And peteramescarlin.com will be neck-deep in the jungle.

Actually, I’ve been doing variations of this for years. Ever since the earliest days in 2004 I’ve written dozens of pieces in The Oregonian during my TV critic days; then weekly breakdowns in Oregonlive’s Idiot Box tv blog, Gates rest its peevish little soul. Last season I wrote thumbnail breakdowns to share with my Facebook friends, and that was always fun, too.

But now this is the final season – the last 18 hours of one of the most gripping, mysterious and stone-cold fascinating series in the history of American TV. Which sounds like a kind of perverse overstatement, I suppose, but screw it. That’s what I think, it’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

And it gets better: This time around, I won’t be the only guy going on and on about it. Starting now, I’ll be co-blogging with Nick Gorini, a Portland writer, filmmaker, teacher, editor, and “Lost” fan whose quasi-anonymous (he signed himself ‘36963,’ or something like that, for reasons I never quite comprehended) comments/corrections/plot deconstructions on the old Idiot Box were so sharply observed and (ultimately) accurate that I suspected for several months that he was actually connected to the show somehow. He denied it then, and continues to deny it, but. . . That’s exactly what you’d expect them to do. You know what I mean.

At any rate, Nick’s got a terrific eye for detail, a bottomless fascination for “Lost”’s internal mythology, and a great ability to ferret out the best “Lost” thought beaming across the internet. So given that, and the fact that my own eyes tend to focus most on the character-borne/psychological/literary threads running through the series, we’re going to co-blog from here ‘til the end of the series.

So welcome Nick Gorini. Check out his first post (which I’m expecting any minute now) and let’s all buckle up for this last wild ride through time, space and the thickets of dysfunctional families, relationships and utopian communities!