Homer Simpson’s Icelandic ancestor?

 While our beloved Homer Simpson delights the world with his lovable loser-osity, a shockingly identical, but nameless,character from Iceland — seen here in a 1949 magazine cartoon — has a fierce gleam in his eye and Bunyan-esque power with an axe.

The caption reads: “The ax bit too well.” Har!

Fascinating. And weird, too. Is it possible that in 1987 “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening  somehow found the old Icelandic comic and based his characters on the other artist’s style? Possibly, I guess. But then how to explain how closely the humanoid Simpsons resemble the legion of rabbits and other oddly-drawn characters the American artist had drawn for more than a decade before the Simps emerge?

I’m thinking synchronicity. Do you have a better/cooler explanation?