And a scarecrow shall lead them

Last September the Chipotle burrito chain released this haunting little cartoon about a scarecrow’s moral crisis in the midst of the corporate/chemical farming industry. Poignant, sad, a little bit silly, “Scarecrow” made no mention of the restaurants or its products until the last few seconds of a 3:23-minute film. It’s fantastic and if you haven’t you should watch it right here, right now:

Given the dual motivations of moral indignation and commercial opportunity — and the divesting of temporary controlling owners McDonald’s, Inc. the Chipotle owners just kicked their campaign against the agricultural behemoths up a notch or six with an even bigger film-and-sorta-advertising project called “Farmed and Dangerous,” a satirical, multi-part adventure series set inside the management of Animoil, a large-scale agribiz whose petroleum-based cow feed pellets can have, um, explosive effects on their diners.

Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks,” “Reaper,” et. al) stars, hilariously. Here’s the trailer for the series.

The four-part, two-hour series premieres on Hulu on February 17.
And here’s today’s NYT story on “Farmed and Dangerous.”