The Road and the Sky – bonus fun facts about JB and "Lost"

Remember last week when I said that I’d be gone for a week and would post more Jackson Browne retrofit pieces when I returned? Turned out to be all true, except for the part where I get back to posting the second I got back. . . Give me a day or so, and we’ll have “Running on Empty” re-digested, de-constructed and posted for your blog-reading pleasure. In the meantime. . . a series of fun facts:

1. Jackson Browne’s real first name? Clyde. Which makes me wonder: If he’d stuck with that (which is in some ways far cooler and rock-y than the archaic/literary/formal Jackson) would he have turned into a different kind of writer/musician? I’m thinking a heavier backbeat and grungier guitars and far fewer acoustic musings on sleep’s dark and silent whatever. Clyde Browne rocks.

2. When hiking through a dense Hawaiian jungle everything seems slightly surreal and full of meaning: Thank you, “Lost”!

3. The final revelation on “Lost”: After a 3-hour layover at the Honolulu airport yesterday I can say, without a doubt, that the flash-sideways Losties did NOT land at LAX, after all. The real mystery? How a club sandwich can cost $16, plus an extra $2 to sub in a salad for the fries? And still not be all that good? Gives me chills just thinking about it. . .