BRUCE media update – plus bonus video of Elvis Costello rocking “She’s the One”

groovy mic

And just when you thought you’d never hear more about BRUCE here comes a new hour-long interview and more. So.

Wednesday March 6: 8 am: Bob Edwards Show, XM/SIRIUS (XM 121; Sirius 205). An hour-long interview. Encore airings at various times during the day, check yer schedule. published this review a few days ago, which was especially gratifying coming from one of the ‘net’s best Springsteen sites. Thanks guys.

In case you missed it a few months back here’s a clip of a behind-the-BRUCE-scenes essay I performed on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s terrific Live Wire radio show with musical conspirators Jim Brunberg and Casey Neill. Those guys knock it out of the omniverse.

And as promised, here’s Elvis Costello’s awesome cover of “She’s the One,” which segues into his possibly even more awesome introduction of Springsteen to kick off the double-episode invu/performance they did on Elvis’s “Spectacle” series.