Extreme couponing turns violent! Also: BRUCE at Mississippi Studios and more!

Actually, there’s no extreme couponing going on here, let alone violence. I’m supposed to go to the supermarket this afternoon and will in fact do so, but I’m planning to keep my fists (both registered as deadly weapons, by the way) clutching my little wagon as I whistle my way from one processed food product to the next. Yeah, that’s how I roll…with a squeaky wheel that keeps fluttering sideways.

But let’s talk about you. And Bruce. And BRUCE. And the latest fun ways to weave them all together!

On the evening of Monday, Nov 26,  (tonight!) I’m reading and q-ing and a-ing at a City Club of Portlande event held at Jimmy Mak’s, which is at 221 NW 10th Ave downtown. Books will be available. And better yet, a lucky attendee will win a pair of tickets to the real Bruce’s concert at the Rose Garden on Wednesday night. Tickets are kind of pricey — $35 for members; $45 for non-members — but remember the part about the free ticket giveaway. All other details can be found here.

Then comes Tuesday, Nov 27 when my friends at KINK-FM (101.9) will come to the awesome Mississippi Studios to present BRUCE – a musical tribute to Bruce Springsteen and a certain new biography, also titled BRUCE. Thanks to a lot of hard work by Casey Neill, the show will be awesome, featuring — no kidding — Corin Tucker, Storm Large, Jim Brunberg, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, Jonah Tolchin, Kasey Anderson, Hondo II, My Oh Mys, Steve Berlin (from Los Lobos!) and more, more, more, all covering their favorite Bruce Springsteen songs! Tickets are going fast — the show will definitely sell out — so go to the Miss Studios link (above) and get hooked up. I’ll be there too, occasionally holding forth, and books will be sold by the great folks from Broadway Books.

Then on Wednesday Nov 28 let’s all go to the Rose Garden in Portland to watch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform. I’ll definitely be there.

The end of Extreme Couponing Turns Violent! But Carlindustries will be back in Cool Video Clips and Radio Programs You Can Hear Right Now.


Something in my veins is bloodier than blood

The scariest, yet most lovely moments in those great Wilco albums come when the band goes head to head with the electronic noise. The weird “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” blasts of feedback, looped sounds, colliding gears, exploding boilers, seething flames and billowing smoke. Awful and terrifying and hypnotic and, when you least expect it, beautiful.

On the verge of complete chaos, transcendence. The ideal pulls you out of bed in the morning and drags you through empty space, past the frigid planets and the endless pattern of aimless, world-destroying meteors, It’s the secret heart of everything, from “Louie, Louie” to Beethoven’s 9th to last-second 3-pointers, to “Friday Night Lights” to the tabloid narratives bonding the NY Times to the Nat’l Enquirer, and beyond.

Reading David Lipsky’s “Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself” just now, and with 80 pages down I’m still not sure if this is really a crystal portrait of the big brain (and wonderful spirit) on David Foster Wallace, or about the author’s possibly subconscious desire to insert himself into the tragic narrative of the brilliant artist who sees too clearly. Or maybe I just need to insert my interpretive, order-starved self into Lipsky’s journalistic narrative. Whatever, the main thing is hearing DFW’s voice again, and seeing exactly how he had structured his own internal battle between appetite and discipline, self and other, chaos and order. In a sense Lipsky serves as a walking projection of the darker impulses: striving, moving, needing, smoking, wanting more and more. DFW was determined to move somewhere beyond all of that. And he nearly made it. Or so it seemed, until he killed himself.

Transcendence back to chaos. The last second shot hits the rim and caroms over the backboard and out into the crowd. The album doesn’t work. The story has the wrong lead. The missing kid is still missing. The Honey Nut Shredded Wheat vanishes, only to be replaced by some horrible vanilla/almond concoction. Some days I gauge my entire existence in terms of once-loved, now-vanished products.

Another day and another orbit through dark, mysterious skies. Chaos persists. Transcendence must be out there somewhere. Move faster, reach for more. Maybe all we need is a shot in the arm. Somewhere between impossible Germany and unlikely Japan. Listen for the noise and dive in. Let it wash over your head. Kick your way upwards, feel your muscles pushing against the crazy currents. You’re about to reach the surface, you can feel it just beyond your fingertips. The missing kid is up there. Jeff Tweedy, Coach Taylor, David Foster Wallace. You end up becoming yourself, and if you’re just extremely lucky that’s enough.

"Let 'Em In" and a bit of "Hey Jude"

Back to the awesome McCartney tribute at Mississippi Studios the other night. If you couldn’t be there, and even if you were, you gotta check these out:

Here’s Teisha Helgerson covering “Let ‘Em In,” complete with drum chorus, glockenspiel, kazoo and a tight backing combo.

And here’s just a couple of minutes of the “Hey Jude” finale, but just check out Corin Tucker. Damn, man.

Nov 18, Portland, Ore at Mississippi Studios: PAUL McCARTNEY: A LIFE IN MUSIC AND WORDS

Here’s the link for tickets to the coolest PMAL event of them all: A tribute concert-with-a-few-words from guess which book at Portland’s Mississippi Studios. It’s a super-cheap night of Paul McCartney music, performed by: Corin Tucker (late of Sleater-Kinney); Matt Sheehy, Nick Jaina, Jim Brunberg, Viva Las Vegas, Teisha Helgerson (Amelia); Buoy LaRue; Courtenay Hameister (OPB’s Live Wire); plus also special guests TBA.