Eddie Cochran’s “Pink Peg Slacks”: Song of the day.

Man, you don’t know what these pink peggers mean to me!

Until you hear this crazy rockin tune, anyway.

Before you do anything rash, dig this: Soul spoken word


Okay, so your heart broke. You sit around and mope; crying, crying. You say you’re thinking about dying? Well, before you do anything rash….dig this.

Good advice for the lovelorn: Don’t kill yourself; don’t feel ashamed; don’t think you’re alone.

See, it takes a village to raise up the heartbroken, and if you’ve got a tight band and immaculate arrangers hanging around all the better. Check interplay between the ring-a-ling piano riff and those twittering flutes, the little pizzicato run from the strings, and the cherry blossoms floating down with the high backing harmonies.

Life is good. Love lives on. People care.

The 2013 Academy Awards won’t be as good as the Imaginary Oscars


…I can’t watch the Oscars tonight, due to a family commitment. But I’ll be live-tweeting my own Imaginary Oscars (#imaginaryoscars) all afternoon and evening. Here’s where the action begins…

…dissolve to stage, where real Crystal bound to chair. McFarlane emerges, shoots betw eyes. Laughs, cheers, welcome! #imaginaryoscars — Peter Ames Carlin (@peteramescarlin) February 18, 2013


Good thing: Video tour of a fuckin’ cruise ship

From the fuckin’ kiddie pool to the fuckin’ ocean and beyond. . .