BRUCE comes alive in Portland! And also MORE free audio!

Hey, Portland!

I’ll be reading, providing q’s to a’s and signing actual copies from/about/of BRUCE tonight, Friday Nov 9,  at Powell’s on Burnside at 7:30 pm.

You should come! And definitely get a copy of something signed, because I’m bringing my absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind, custom-made Tillie stamp with me. Maybe if you ask the Tillie stamp a question, it will answer. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened, right?

It will be fun. Of a sort.

MEANWHILE — here’s more free fun: Another 10-minute preview from the BRUCE audiobook, as read by Bobby Cannavale. Here, the story picks up in mid-1972, somewhere down the Jersey Shore. . . .

Want free BRUCE multi-media? Here it is!

Tons of stuff to get to in this post! Which is another way of saying that I know we didn’t post hardly anything last week, but don’t go hating on us because, Christ, how about that hurricane? (full disclosure: Carlindustries HQ is 3,000 miles west of the Jersey shore) Also, given the official Oct 30 publication date things got hectic in a way that seemed to redefine hecticity with each passing hour.

Being pathologically disorganized didn’t help matters, either.

But check THIS out — it’s a new video trailer for BRUCE, all about Clarence Clemons and the intense impact he and Bruce Springsteen had on one another’s lives!

But don’t stop there…here’s something even cooler: A 10-minute preview of the BRUCE audiobook, with Bobby Cannavale making it sound so awesome. And trust me, you HAVE to hear him reading Bruce’s parts. Floors me every time.

Check out the extended audio excerpt by clicking on the cover below.

BRUCE Audiobook Excerpt







BRUCE: Now in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, People, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly (again)

The one who looks like a movie star is Bobby Cannavale, who does an amazing job reading the audio book.

Before we settle into the usual maelstrom of auto-pimping and poorly disguised self-worship, let’s turn first to the one actually handsome fellow in that photograph. Chances are you know his face from lots of places, because that’s Bobby Cannavale, the wonderful actor from “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO, “The Station Agent” in the movies, the hit Broadway show  “The Motherfucker in the Hat” and now the even-bigger Broadway revival of “Glengarry Glen Ross,” in which he co-stars with Al Pacino. Pretty cool, huh?

Cooler still (for me) is that Bobby is the reader of the BRUCE audio book. This is awesome. Particularly since BC is not just smart, perceptive and very accomplished actor, but he’s also a New Jersey native, which means that when he speaks in the voice of Bruce Springsteen, you are being spoken to in the voice of Bruce Springsteen. This must be heard in order to be believed. And it’s very worth it. More on this (including an mp3 preview) coming soon.

Meanwhile, early reviews of BRUCE have popped up in the last few days, so here’s an overview of the wheres, whens and what-they-saids:

ROLLING STONE: Nov 28 issue (Barack Obama), with a news feature at the front of the magazine and a four-star review at the back. I’m not sure if either are online yet, but you can check here. Salient quote: “…dives into Springsteen’s personal life in unprecedented depth.”

PEOPLE: Nov 5 issue (Justin Timberlake & friend), as the book Pick of the Week. A four-star review. Salient quote: “…delivers everything a fan could wish for.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Oct 26 issue. An A- review. Salient quote: “…make(s) the rocker’s tale all the more engaging, as beneath his gravelly-voiced demigod exterior lurks a flawed and talented human being.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Oct. 26 issue, as part of ‘Best New Books for the Week of Oct 29’ list. (original review ran in Sept 24 issue). Salient quote: “This is the definitive biography on Springsteen.”

USA TODAY: Oct 27 issue, as top item in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ list for coming week. Salient quote: “In a fall crammed with rock memoirs, here’s a rock bio with early acclaim.”

USA TODAY (BALTIMORE TRANSLATION): Salient quote: “A new as shit biography of Bruce Springsteen rocks the week’s fuckin’ list.”