HOMEWARD BOUND: THE LIFE OF PAUL SIMON to be published by Henry Holt, October 11, 2016

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What have I been doing since BRUCE came out in 2012? The cover is just to the left.

Much more about this to come, but for now here are a few words from Kirkus Reviews:

“[A] nuanced, fascinating portrait…Carlin expertly tracks Simon’s professional career, from the earliest days with Garfunkel when they were finding their footing as performers, through the climax of their career as a band with their 1970 album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water,’ to Simon’s solo artistic peak with the 1986 release of ‘Graceland.’ Simon’s music career defies easy categorization—much as his relationship with Garfunkel does—but in Carlin’s portrayal, his legacy as an innovative songwriter and musician is undeniable. An absorbing and layered study of ‘one of the most influential voices in Western popular culture.’”

Pre-order it here: https://www.amazon.com/Homeward-Bound-Life-Paul-Simon/dp/1627790349/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470167757&sr=8-1&keywords=paul+simon+homeward+bound
And also here: http://www.powells.com/book/homeward-boundpaul-simon-9781627790345/62-0

Publisher’s Weekly on BRUCE: ‘….the definitive treatment…by far the best…’

From this week’s Publisher’s Weekly review. The author is speechless, though his ego is clearly rolling with the weevils in high cotton. 


Peter Ames Carlin. Touchstone, $28 (480p)

Rock biographer (Paul McCartney) delivers a straight-on, rockin’ and rollin’ life of the Jersey youngster who sold his soul to rock and roll the night he saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1957. Drawing on exclusive interviews with members of the E Street Band, including Clarence Clemons’s final interview, and unrestricted conversations with Springsteen’s family, friends, manager Jon Landau, and Springsteen himself, Carlin takes us on a fascinating journey through Springsteen’s childhood, youth, and his rise to fame out of his early years playing in bands such as the Castiles, Earth, and Child to his most recent concerts in support of his Wrecking Ball album. Carlin energetically drives through the streets of Asbury Park, the bars and arenas around the world where Springsteen continues to work his magic. Carlin gives Springsteen the definitive treatment, and this is by far the best of the many books about the rock and roller, capturing his many moods, his desire to retain his privacy, but his secret craving for superstardom, and, above all, his consummate musicianship and his deep passion for pleasing audiences with rollicking, energetic shows. (Nov.)

The book is coming! Advance sales are HUGELY Important! The author is exceptionally needy!

Pub Date Approaches! Advance Sales ROCK! Ordering PMAL now would be SUCH a killer thing to do!

November 3 is the big date. Here in the USA, anyway. Your country (Venezuela’s in the house. . . don’t think I didn’t notice) may vary. But here’s the deal: I’m really hoping to give this sucker an epic launch. The best possible thing to insure this happens would be for you, and everyone you know (and lots of people you don’t, but let’s just leave that alone) went to Amazon, Powell’s, BN.Com, Borders, or wherever you like to buy books in advance, and clicked the ‘buy’ button. Repeatedly, even. Think of the kids! The neighbors! Perfect strangers! Because then we’ll get Paul’s story (my version of it, at least) riding high in the eastern horizon. Or something.

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