I’m afraid the lemur got into the pudding cups: “Archer” clips

archerSomehow the pilot episode of “Archer” didn’t knock me out a few years back.

What was I thinking? No idea. But I’m catching up now on Netflix and having the grandest time of it. In the most recent episode I saw (season 3, #3) two teams of pirates were playing in a lacrosse tournament (long story), and one side was called the Lakshmi Singhers. Did you SEE that? How did you not see that?

Six minutes worth of awesome clips — all drawn from the first six episodes of the first season — can be seen below. Don’t stop there. Really.



"Hey Jude," decoded!

All you need is a formula. Which isn’t to say that our man Paul started with one. But here’s the finished product, decoded. . . . courtesy of our friend Archer, from the Beatles Basement radio show. . .