Storm Large, Corin Tucker and friends rock the BRUCE tribute at Mississippi Studios

It’s been two weeks already, but I can’t stop thinking of how much fun we had playing Springsteen songs at Mississippi Studios on November 27. Only a few of the performances have made it onto the internet — so far — but here are our two closing acts ripping the daylights out of “Because the Night” (one time for Corin Tucker!), “Fire” and “Born to Run” (the always breathtaking Storm Large. And yes, that IS her real name. How do these things happen?)

Just below those two you’ll find a pair of lovely performances captured at the KINK-FM Bing Lounge earlier that same day. Casey Neill pulls off a beautiful cover of “Frankie,” while Jim Brunberg, playing with Tufan, turns “Wreck on the Highway” into a small epic. Wow.

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