Stones ’78 – the complete New Jersey show

Stones-Mick Keith Perf 1978-1

“I take my ‘at off to you lot. You’re a fuckin’ noice crowd. Well, we come here  to ‘ave a good time, I don’t know how much you had to pay for the fuckin’ tickets but I know I didn’t have to pay much. Oh, but you know, what can I do?” 

How about kick off a blazing set of raw, nasty rock ‘n’ roll like a band that still has something to prove?

The more I listen to these 1978 shows from the Some Girls-era Stones the more I don’t ever want to see them play this year. It was just never this great — so real — as this. Never again. The 1981 tour — the first one I saw — wasn’t even a patch on it. And it’s been all downhill since then, too.

Just audio here, but the whole show. It kicks ass.

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