Sin Will Find You Out, especially in New York City

cropped sin
Always a fine thing to remember in Hell’s Kitchen, you know. Sin and, uh, arguably more sin, and just when you can feel the glow of redemption blowing off the Hudson it’s actually the subway scattering the rats and garbage underground. And while it’s quick and convenient and relatively clean, as these things go, you really do have to mind the closing doors because those things are programmed to slide quick and stealthy and ‘forgiving’ is not written into the code.getright

Dr. Zizmor, it’s been too long. So if I see you this week we’ll raise a cup of fruit acid peel and when that thunder rises from below we’ll see the world with new eyes and feel the electricity rippling our marrow. Just make sure you get right with God first, eh?

And that goes double for you, Dr. Z.




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