Revising the "Daily Show" revisionism, "Glee" and more…

Remember what I wrote yesterday about the “Daily Show”‘? Then I saw this. Never mind. Plus did I make clear that I never stopped loving “TDS”? I just felt a little guilty about it. For a minute. Then I stopped.

Finally caught up with Fox’s “Glee” last night. Take “Freaks and Geeks” fold in “Ugly Betty” and there you are. It’s really lovely: sweet, quirky, off-beat. Also: the gayest scripted show on primetime. Bar none. Including the fashion shows. Rivaling, if not quite eclipsing “Queer Eye.” Even the straight characters are basically gay. At least when it comes to the various cultural stereotypes, etc (showtunes, singing and dancing, dressing well, being nice). A whole hour of sweet-natured dramedy about social outcasts who sing? I love Fox for doing this. This is how they make up for “Moment of Truth” and all that other soul-killing crap. Not sure if it’s a total karma-kleanser but they’ll find that out later.

How are those Beatles remasters doing on the charts? How about nine spots in the top ten pop catalogue charts? Also 15 out of the top 20.

And who is America’s favorite Beatle? Whoever it is, someone ought to write a book about him.

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