Release Me: So Many Cool Beatles Outtakes. When Will They Emerge?

If you can figure out why the Beatles decided to stop working on this tune and stuck with “For You, Blue” during the “Get Back” sessions, just let me know.

Related questions: Why did those same Beatles (minus one) keep this full-band rehearsal in the can, while releasing George’s solo demo of “ATMP” on “Anthology 3”? And what about the album’s worth (at least) of rough-but-spirited-and-at-times-extremely-cool rehearsals/jams/etc. from “Get Back” that are still sitting around unreleased?

And there’s more.

Check out John’s “Watching Rainbows

Or John and George’s (it seems) “Peace of Mind” 

And there’s more, too. The thing I can’t figure: Why be so stingy with the archives? What do they have to lose?

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