Race, society, love and hate, with chimps


Just look. Who are these people? Are they married? Are the chimps their children? Consider that the photograph — unstaged, unposed, just something going on at the Central Park Zoo one afternoon photographer Garry Winogrand came to make pictures — captured the moment in the early 1960s, when the idea of interracial marriage was nowhere close to being commonly accepted.

I can’t stop thinking about this picture. Everything it evokes: the innocence of the chimps/children; his firm brow; the steel in her gaze. And the chimps in their little coats and pants, drowsing in the adults’ arms.

Still thinking about it. Still swept into its vision.

If you’re in San Francisco do go to SFMOMA to take in the vast, and wonderful, exhibition of Winogrand photographs. An amazing collection of work, and very well curated.

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