Plutocrats Gone Wild: WSJ’s struggling $260k/yr single mom; Vogue’s disaster area fashion shoot


Nothing says glamour quite like a natural disaster, shattered lives and ongoing suffering.

So naturally Vogue sent an emergency platoon of models to the superduperstorm Sandy wreckage in order to show off their lambskin pants, Alexander Wang jackets, Proenza Schouler leather crocheted jackets and skirts.

Coming in the next issue: a carefree summer spread in Newtown, Connecticut!



Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has far more serious problems in mind: What fate awaits ordinary  citizens should America tumble off the business end of the fiscal cliff?

Nothing good. Just look at the uneasy expression on the faces of the single mom whose $260,000 annual income could be slashed by an additional $3,356 in taxes! And what of the traumatized family of six forced to contemplate squeezing through an entire year on only $650,000?

Sometimes you just can’t win for the losing.






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