News, Comments and a Whole New Book for 2010 and Beyond

First things first: Here’s a really funny look back at the career of the Beatles, from the year 3000. Check out the frog emperor.

More reviews of PMAL popping up hither and yon, along with stray mentions as in this marijuana culture piece in Seattle’s City Arts magazine.

The end of the year always puts me in mind of Dennis Wilson, whose sad, glorious, star-crossed life ended this week in 1983. A great songwriter in his own right, and the brother of Brian. Amazing.

In case you didn’t infer this already, from the Bruce-centric postings of these last few months, here’s the news: The next book is already up and running, or at least in the early stages: A biography of Bruce Springsteen, also for Simon & Schuster. Much more work to come on that one. It may take a little while. But there it is, and if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or sources to pass on….well, by all means. Reach me, as ever, at:

And on that note. . . . Happy 2010.

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