‘Nashville’ fans should love John Eddie


One of the great treats of ABC’s great country-and-character-driven drama ‘Nashville’ is hearing so many cool modern country songs, all hand-chosen by T-Bone Burnett. If you dig that stuff you definitely need to check out John Eddie.

I ‘d heard of the guy — mostly as a Bruce Springsteen jam partner — for years. Didn’t do anything about it ’til I happened to be in Asbury Park, NJ on a night when he played the Stone Pony. I paid my money, bought a couple Yuenglings and came away thrilled: turned out his songs tread just the right line between thoughtful, sleazy and hilarious, played with a hot band and could really light up a club full of rowdy Jerseyites.

Now Eddie lives in Nashville, where he writes tunes for country acts (or anyone, I suspect) and records his own albums, including his latest, “Same Old Brand New Me.” My favorite of his records is 2003’s  “Who the Hell is John Eddie?”

Not sure if Burnett has snapped up any of Eddie’s tunes for ‘Nashville’ yet, but boy howdy, he oughta think about it.


  1. Ed Kaz says:

    John Eddie is a crazy talent and a songwriting FACTORY. That’s who the hell he is!

  2. bzimmerman says:

    I’ve been a fan of John Eddie since I first interviewed him in very late 1984 for my Philadelphia college newspaper. On a Saturday evening/Sunday morning at the Inkwell in Long Branch NJ, John took time away from the gaggle of women wanting his attention to talk to a stupid college journalist only 4 years his junior and tell him about this great new album called Let It Be by a group called The Replacements. A short subway ride into Center City Philadelphia the following weekend caused me to obsess the following 20-something years over someone alongside Springsteen. Even back then his self deprecation and positive attitude shone mightily off stage while The Front Street Runners held down the fort for their leader on stage. His second act as a Nashville songwriter is justified. Would love to hear TBone use his tunes on “Nashville”.

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