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As my friends can attest, I am a know-it-all, or at least I am a wish-I-knew-it-all. I’m the guy who watches the film credits until the screen goes dark. I’m the guy who ‘Googles’ and ‘Wiki’s’ any mundane subject that crosses my path. I still have most of my college textbooks (you never know when Non-Euclidian math will come up in conversation. I want to be prepared, man).

For someone like me, there is no better show than “Lost.” EVER. Hooked from the beginning, I soon became firmly entrenched in the online universe that sprang from the ether sometime during the middle of Season One. An entire universe of theories, spoilers, filming updates, rumors, photos, speculations, bets, even volumes of fan-created fiction, has had me enthralled for more than five years now.

It’s not too late to jump down the rabbit hole. Here is a list of my favorite Lost-related websites, and why should check them out. A disclaimer: These sites are often ‘Jump-off’ points to other smaller sites that sometimes reveal future plot points (i.e. “Spoilers”) that you may or may not want to see. Here goes:
1. www.DarkUFO.Blogspot.Com: This site is the mother-load of all things Lost. It links to dozens of other sites, but what’s most useful is this site’s collection of in-depth re-caps from bloggers all over the world. This is the O’Hare of the online lost community. Spoilers, recaps, shooting schedules, rumors, etc. It’s got it all.
2. www.docarzrt.com: named after the beloved minor character who got blowed up real good, this site is less about spoilers and rumors, and more about thoughtful analysis and theorizing about Lost’s storyline. Lots of great posts about the show’s mythology, the overall arc and relation to real history can be found here. The owner of the site is also quite the writer and has passion for the show that never veers into crazy-guy territory.

Follow the jump for more, including MSG Network’s Al Trautwig, a freaking sportscaster, whose video essays are great.
3. www.ew.com: Yes, believe it or not, Entertainment Weekly has the best single commentator on Lost. It’s ‘Doc Jensen’, aka Jeff Jensen, senior writer for the magazine. He does an incredible job of speculating on the future, keeping up with the past, and incorporating the sci-fi/fantastical elements of the show, all while being firmly-rooted in what it means for these characters we care about. He also does an excellent job calling out the ever-growing literary references on the show.
4. This one isn’t a website, but a specific commentator named Vozzek69. The most esteemed Lost blogger on the net, his thoughts (usually titled ‘Things I Noticed..’) appear on several sites, including the ones listed above. He even wrote a book available on Amazon called ‘Things You Never Noticed About LOST’ by Vozzek. He does the best job of tracking the craziest elements of the show. His analysis is less character-driven, more focused on ‘What is the island?’ and all things rabid fans geek out on.
5. www.hawaiiweblog.com: Awesome site not Lost-dedicated, but related. A freelance journalist/writer living on Oahu, this guy got quickly threaded with people who work on the show. No analysis, but breaking filming news always appears here first. His photos and scoops on filming locations are the initial ingredients that send all other Lost sites spinning in a thousand directions.
6. lostpedia.wikia.com: The Lost wiki is the best repository of past information on the show. Very handy this last year when the dual timelines were taking place.
7. buddytv.com/lost: The site is nothing special – just general news about most TV shows. But somehow, these guys get sneak peeks before any other site (in fact, you can watch the first four minutes of the premiere episode right now, or at least until ABC pulls it). They also have a good photo recap after each show that points out clues in specific frames. Example: when new uniform logos started appearing that showed previously unseen Dharma stations, these guys caught them first.
8. www.msg.com/lost: I’ve included this site because, as a Lost fan, it’s the oddest. What is it? It’s a sportscaster by the name of Al Trautwig. Al’s day job involves covering the New York Knicks and The New York Rangers (he has also covered the Olympics in his wide-ranging broadcast past). Every week, while clad in the official ‘Sports Guy’ outfit of navy blue blazer, nicely pressed dress shirt and big rings from some unknown championship season, Al breaks down the previous episode, usually using some sort of sports metaphor. Imagine Bill Schonley or Mike Rice breaking down episode 22 like it was a bad Blazer 3rd Quarter. And even more odd, Al’s theories are awfully astute and usually on the money. If you get a chance, see this week’s ‘over-coached basketball team’ analogy to describe what will take place this season on Lost.

9. forum.spoilertv.co.uk: Only step into this one if you dare. Probably the largest online Lost forum, relatively unregulated, some of the biggest spoilers appeared here first.

Enjoy folks! And thanks for having me aboard!


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