Live Wire! appearance in Portland, Nov 3

Not for Portlanders only, but it sorta helps — I’ll be taping an episode of “LIVE WIRE!”, the extremely cool radio show produced right here in Portland, Ore., by a litany of my cooler friends — Courtenay, Ralph, Robyn, Jim, Sean, Tyler, you know who you are — on the evening of November 3. The fun goes down at the Alberta Rose Theater right there on Alberta St., which is a universe unto itself, let me tell you.

But. More importantly, Other guests include the great Cheryl Strayed, whose bestselling “Wild,” should be familiar with everyone, and Pure Bathing Culture.

It should be fun and funny and I’ll read an original essay about writing about Bruce Springsteen. And if I’m lucky I’ll get to be in a skit or two, too. If I’m really lucky.

So. Salient information.

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