Is the "Daily Show" Just the anti-Fox? And is that a bad thing?

Three weeks without “The Daily Show,” particularly in the midst of so much feverish/weird/out of control debate seemed way too long. So how cool to have them back. And so here’s one of the central pieces from Monday night’s return show. And as well-observed as it is, as well-researched and clearly correct, it still made me wonder: In the age of Obama, has the “DS” devolved into being a left-leaning comedy watchdog of Fox News?

Which network certainly deserves close, and withering, scrutiny. Just consider the absurd bloviations of O’Reilly, Beck, and on and on. Particularly now that these self-described super-patriots spend so much time ripping the current POTUS, national policy, and etc. So yes, hypocrisy, rage and subtle (or not so subtle) racism deserve to be called out, dragged into the light, ridiculed and spanked silly.

But FNC doesn’t have the franchise for media absurdity.

Consider the seething commentaries from Keith Olbermann. Or the gooey, know-nothing populism/enviro-grooviness that comes from your Leo DiCaptrios, your Ben Afflecks, and on and on. If they fought to the death with right-wing blowhard Jon Voight the public discourse would be a much better place.

Which isn’t to say that the left is more ridiculous than the right, or to make any particular point about policy. It’s just that media-borne political stupidity adheres to no philosophical boundaries. And neither should “The Daily Show.”

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