Hey, where did I go? Change is good, right? We've got change.

I was blogging really regulalrly there for a while, eh? And what it was! So much fun, in fact, that I went and started a whole new blog.

This is an extension of my day job at The Oregonian (the great newspaper of the Northwest, yo.) and you can find it right here.

The good news is that it’s a lot like this blog – a stream of opinions, musings, rants and snarky asides about the popular and sometimes not-so-popular-but-still-cool culture.

The better news is that I’ll be feeding it near-constantly: multiple entries a day, nearly every day. Not always as lengthy and/or thought-through as the essay-like stuff I’ve been plugging in here — and maybe I’ll use this space for popular (to me, anyway) series e.g. the Retrofit Guide. Would that be cool? Tell me if you think that’d be cool (as ever, you can find me double-quick by zapping an email to: peteramescarlin@gmail.com) Or maybe all that stuff will migrate to the Oregonlive blog. And maybe/certainly I can find a way to auto-post (or link) the Oregonlive entries into this space, so no matter where you go, there I’ll be. Clone-style. Nightmare style. I dunno.

The other thing is that work on the next book – the Bruce Springsteen bio – is picking up all kinds of steam, and between that and the day job (and its new blog extension) I’ll have less time to do fun stuff like spend a weekend listening to and writing about “Hotel California” and the like. As fun as that is (and it’s LOTS of fun) I just gotta focus the finite energies on the big stuff that both matters the most to me, but also comes with contractual obligations.

So this isn’t even close to a goodbye. If you play your cards right (or wrong) you’ll see more of me than ever. Just come on over to Oregonlive and check out the new blog — once again, that’s: www.oregonlive.com/carlin

The fun is only beginning.

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