Hello, Dr. Nick!: Pre-episode "Lost" Wisdom – What We Don't Know



I’ve visited several places on the web, I’ve talked friends who are fellow Lost fans, and I’ve looked into Miss Cleo’s crystal ball, all in an effort to better understand where we’re at.


What I realized: a lot of people, me included, drew assumptions about what we saw last week. Those assumptions aren’t necessarily justified. In fact, in some cases, it would be wise to think twice about what we think we know.


In addition to the questions added to the pile in last weeks’ post, here’s a list I’d like to call, ‘What we don’t know.’

Oh, but first you gotta follow the jump. . .


  • We don’t know that the bomb went off. In fact, after re-watching the episode, there may be more evidence to support the idea that it did NOT go boom. There’s compelling hints that it was an act of faith on everyone’s part that caused the time jump and the new alternate universe we’re watching.
  • We don’t know that New-Timeline Jack is the only person suffering from déjà vu. We’ve only seen that initially, he appears to be the only one on the plane with this strange sixth sense. There could be others.
  • We don’t know that Desmond is still “The Variable”. Given what’s taken place, there’s reason to think that Jack may be the official ‘Variable’ that can alter timelines and outcomes. Of course, it may be that every character is a variable, given free will and human nature. We now see that in this alternate timeline Locke and Jack appear to have switched respective philosophical sides.
  • We don’t know that the body of Jack’s dad is really missing. It could’ve been taken or hidden by Charles Widmore. Same thing goes for Locke’s knives.
  • We don’t know that the Temple and its’ people are ‘The Others’ we’ve watched over the last few years. If they are ‘The Others’, why was their leader speaking what sounded like Korean instead of Latin? And he seems to have Jin’s lovely temperament. Are these guys connected?
  • We don’t know that the pool really resurrects people. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this last week, but this pool is probably where young Ben was taken by Alpert to heal after being shot by Sayid. I also seem to remember Alpert solemnly telling Kate and Sawyer, after agreeing to take the dying boy off their hands, ‘He will never be the same.’ What did that mean then, and what does it mean now?
  • We don’t know if the new timeline also created an alternate Jacob, alternate Man In Black, or even an alternate Smokey.
  • Initially, I thought it was clear that the show was telling us that The Man In Black has always been Smokey. Now I’m not so sure. We’ve seen Smokey judge and spare some people, judge and smash others, and sometimes simply squash people outright. There hasn’t been a consistent pattern to Smokey’s behavior over the five-plus years of the show. Is it that out of the realm of possibility to consider that both Jacob and The Man In Black have appeared as Smokey at some point? I have a theory about why Smokey judged Eko and gave him a pass, only to come back later and make what Peter calls, “Eko bits”. I’m waiting on posting my theory until I have some evidence to support it.


One thing I do expect is a reappearance of Jack’s line from the end of the pilot episode: “If we can’t live together… Then we’ll die alone.”


Before I go, I want to take a moment to mention another local yokel who does good round-up of post-episode Lost chatter. It’s the Oregonian’s own DeAnn Welker, and you can find her online athttp://connect.oregonlive.com/user/dwelker/index.html.


Thanks for reading!

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