Hello and Welcome to the all-new PAC.com

And so it begins!

PAUL McCARTNEY: A LIFE, otherwise known as my latest and arguably greatest book EVER, will emerge blinking and shivering into the world on November 3, 2009. Like any proud father, I’m planning to welcome the youngster with all manner of bally-hoo and huzzah. Cigars all around. Beers and slaps on the back. Weeks, perhaps months, of being roused at ungodly hours by piercing screams and demands for food. Will this thing ever shut up? Whose idea was this in the first place? I’m going insane!

Ah, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Instead, let’s be happy and ponder the limitless horizons ahead. All of it embodied in this here new site, which will be, I’m hoping, something far more than a sales tool for whatever product I’ve got out there on the marketplace. No. It will be fun and interesting, full of cool writings and groovy links. You’ll want to come back. You’ll tell all your friends. You’ll buy whatever product I’ve got out there on the marketplace. But happily.

So here’s what I’m thinking: Regular blog posts. Some about ongoing developments with the books and etc., but not all of them. Because we’re all so multi-faceted. We can hold so many thoughts simultaneously, it’s just sick. Do you like cool video clips? Links to obscure bootlegs? Links to fun/thought-provoking/annoying stuff other people write? What if there were a cool aggregation site that had all that stuff and even more? Like, say, handy links to buy a new book about Paul McCartney? It’s a dream come true! My dream, anyway. But it’s my site! I can do whatever I want!

And so I shall. And it will be good. And on the seventh day I’ll slack.

More soon. So come back. Tell your friends. Prepare for fun.

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