Hello, and Goodbye, Cleveland; Next up: Seattle.

I’m on the road for much of this week, hence my absence from these quarters. But just back from two days in Cleveland, where I caught Bruce Springsteen & friends at the Q and spent some quantity time in the Springsteen exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which if you haven’t seen, and might be geographically positioned to do so, you should. Then go to the listening station with the Hammond demos and listen to “If I Was the Priest,” which is a truly fantastic song, way better than a lot of what turned up on “Greetings….”, so what was the problem there? Other than the apostasy, I mean?

Springsteen in concert: 3-hour show; all of “Born to Run” and a handful of nice surprises: “Rosalita,” “I Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Pink Cadillac.”

Other events: An abrupt political lecture delivered to tired, angry passengers from a steward on United Airlines; eavesdropping on what at first seemed like a job interview in a downtown Cleveland coffee shop; turned out to be an interview for a possible extramarital assignation. What a happenin’ town!

Hey Seattle: tune into KCPQ-13’s morning show on Friday morning, and KCTS Connects on Friday night. Then it’s Barnes & Noble in the U-Village at 2 pm.

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