Good Thing: Paul Westerberg’s ‘World Class Fad’


I’m the one you trust in/the world owes you nothin/you really, really want it that bad/you gotta come get it…round the corner, give it some gas…

And so began Paul Westerberg’s solo career, with the ’14 Songs’ album and its lead-off single, “World Class Fad.” Turned out he really, really didn’t want it that bad after all. But in 1993 anything seemed possible.

Spin identified him as the living spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. He got a top-notch producer (Matt Wallace) and cranked out an album’s worth of tightly-written rock songs that were, finally, radio friendly. He hit the road with a hand-picked band of spirited professionals.

What happened next was. . . not much. Then less and less. Then nearly nothing at all. At least the thing still runs.

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