Good Thing: Lindsay Lohan rocks NYTM


So train wreck actress Lindsay Lohan is starring in a sleekly grim, sex-wild, micro-budgeted film written by vile bratpack author Bret E Ellis and directed by the brilliant, but star-crossed director Paul Schrader. What, journalist Stephen Rodrick wonders, could go wrong with that?

Plenty! And Roderick’s cover story in the Jan 13 edition of the New York Times Magazine lays it out in frank, economical and at times hilarious detail.

What makes this one for me is Rodrick’s effortless balance between honesty and sympathy. He telegraphs the elder Lohans’ destructive influence on their daughter in the most subtle way, and describes the talented, if tragically flawed, starlet in all her confusion and, when it pushes past the dysfunction and gets a moment in the sun, her natural brilliance.

This is a good thing. Reading it made my whole day better. Check it out.

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