Fired Up, Ready to Go!

OMG, here’s the new website. Check out the purty graphics and design (by my longtime friends and go-to designers Brenden Hyde and Heather Barta, whose internet design company, CircleTriangleSquare can and should be reached here).

Assuming you’re reading this on the HOME page, check out the slide bar feature on top — a revolving series of stories/videos/links and such. For now most of these will focus on BRUCE, for obvious publicity reasons. Later that will change. Especially if that stuff is as easy to change as Brenden and Heather assure me it is.

Now, look down and you’ll see the start of a blog post. This will change often as other posts come up, but you still won’t miss anything because what you’re really looking at here is my new blog: Carlindustries. And this is where proverbial shit becomes figuratively real. It has its own look and even a free-standing URL, which is And yet it’s also the keystone of the main site, because the latest (or featured) post will also be the central feature on the Home page. These will change a lot. Multiple times a day. A stream of culture-related posts, links, videos and more that aims to serve as an aggregation of the day’s culture-related narrative. Stuff about music, TV, movies, politics, gossip, moral outrage and more. If you know me on Facebook or Twitter it’ll be all the posts I put up there, only here (and reposted on FB/Twitter, because I can). It’ll be cool and fun! You can comment and it’ll be like a party! That’s always happening! And you’re always invited! You could quit your job and spend all day here! I don’t recommend that, but it’s possible.

Here’s what you’ll find on the other pages:

BRUCE – Aggregates all the BRUCE (and Bruce Springsteen) related blog entries, news, reviews, photos, videos, and so on. For people interested in the book, and in all things Springsteen. Like for instance check out the archived entries from my reporting trips in ’10 and ’11. Some of those are pretty cool, especially the one about Joe’s Barber Shop in Freehold. You’ll definitely want to see that.

BOOKS – Information about earlier books and even key-er information about where you can buy them without even getting out of your chair!

ARTICLES – A collection of favorite stories published in various magazines, newspapers and pamphlets over the last 20 years or so. And it’s not all music. Not even close. Pick hits: “What Becomes of the Resurrected,” and the series I now call, “Jeff Alan’s Weird Journey From the RFK Assassination through Several Identities, Wives plus also a Thriving Career as a TV Newsman in this Modern Age While Also Being Legally Dead.”

NEWS AND EVENTS – Self-explanatory, and now particularly crowded with BRUCE-related events in Portland, New Jersey, New York and beyond.

MEDIA – Videos, audio files and so on. It’ll be pretty BRUCE-centric for the next little while, but not forever.

ABOUT – For now it’s the basic book jacket material about yours truly. But I’m thinking it should expand somehow. Perhaps a fuller and more entertaining autobiographical essay? Or maybe that’s too narcissistic. What do other people do with this space? Anyone?

PLAYLISTS – Coming soon, and starting with an author-curated soundtrack for BRUCE. Or maybe more than one soundtrack, depending on how deep you want to sample. Eventually I’ll curate soundtracks for earlier books and mixes of all sorts. If you’re an iTunes person you’ll be able to click on a link and buy the music on the spot!

CONTACT – Self-explanatory, yes? Yes? Oh, come on.

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