Contempt as a Lifestyle

Oh, the Twitter. So many eyes, so much buzz, but most days the whole point (much like the revenue stream) seems elusive. Surely there’s more to life than self-promotion, air-kissy public exchanges with friends, reaming of one’s enemies/exes and high-pitched kvetches about this guy at the checkstand (fat, slow, disconnected from temporal requirements of time-pressed customers) and mean-spirited critics? Possibly not, but an firehose gusher of 140-character reminders gets so dispiriting after a while.

Same deal with the increasingly silly Huffington Post, which between cute-pet stories, latest Lady Gaga scandals, political screeds and shrieky, politically calculated headlines (Someone Slams Someone Else! etc) it’s like the left-leaning online NY Post, only minus the wicked charm and awe-inspiring headline writers. (Keep reading, they’s more….)

Ibid that snarly/super-confident Andrew Breitbart guy, whose authority over news gathering, writing, editing, etc., is inversely proportional to his ability to perform any of those tasks. A fine marketer, clearly. But beyond that, dude’s power/influence doesn’t parse. As ever, the race goes to the audacious. Just saying it’s so doesn’t make it true. Oh wait, yes it does.

Movie ad “critic” blurbs: Just bear in mind, anything bearing a Fox affiliate credential, or aintitcoolnews, or anything-dot-com, or the name “Peter Travers” or “Jeffrey Lyons” or the name of a magazine that recently featured the stars on its cover, is worthless.

Stay tuned for one last Jackson Browne essay. Don’t spend too much time on the ‘net. Return those emails and phone messages. Let’s be careful out there.

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