Watch Out for Bears & Allergy Medicine


What starts as a nature video tracking a bear in the wild becomes an ad for allergy medicine, which becomes hilarious, then terrifying, then…your guess is as good as mine.

Hit play and prepare to watch for 10:39. That’s longish in terms of internet videos but trust me: you won’t be able to stop.

Discussion topic: What the fuck is going on?


Video du jour: The Wolf of Bedford Falls trailer

Have you seen the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s”The Wolf of Wall Street” yet? I bet you have. I know I’ve seen it like half a dozen times at least. And so we both know how zip-bang/snap-flash it is. Kinda distinctive in that way, it seems to me.

And also to Owen Weber, who created a trailer for “It’s a Wonderful Life” in precisely the same style. The thing is almost a month old but this is the first time I saw it and it’s something to behold so, y’know, Merry Christmas.

Classic Letterman: At the McDonalds’ drive-thru: “The food’s always ready. Are YOU ready?”

From I think the first episode of the CBS/Late Show iteration of David Letterman’s show. . .back when he still had that anarchic spark in his eye. Only one of a thousand reasons why the guy’s one of the great innovators of modern American television.

Happier holidays: Dead Parrot’s reconstructed Twitter fights.


Via our pals at possibly the greatest-ever videos of Twitter fights reenacted by deadly serious British actors. Must be seen in order to be believed. Bitch.

Start here:

Smells like Nirvana’s weirdest performance. No, really.


Found this one via the great site; always a wonderful procrastination destination, you should make it a daily habit like I do.

So no surprise to find this gem of which I’ve never seen nor heard…a 1991 liver-than-live-in-a-conceptual-way performance of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for the UK’s Top of the Pops show. Kurt Cobain singing like you never, ever imagined you’d hear him. And it’s kind of fantastic.