The Ballad of Zephyr, Portland’s Most Legendary Dog

Captured live at the BackFencePDX storytelling main stage, it’s Leather Storrs, the owner/chef of Portland’s perpetually hot Noble Rot wine bar/restaurant and myself jointly telling the story of Leather’s childhood dog Zephyr, who I knew when I was a student at Lewis & Clark College in the early ’80s. Leather and I didn’t meet until twenty years later, but Zephyr changed both of our lives. Sort of. I mean, not really. But he was an amazing dog, that’s for sure.



Tom Junod’s Bob Dylan


Just when you think you’ve read every word you can stomach about the mysteries and weirdities of Mr. Bob Dylan, here comes Esquire’s Tom Junod (and Jeff Tweedy, with a big assist) to lay it down in a whole new way.

And yet he has not given in; he has preserved his mystery as assiduously as he has curated his myth, and even after a lifetime of compulsive disclosure he stands apart not just from his audience but also from those who know and love him. He is his own inner circle, a spotlit Salinger who has remained singular and inviolate while at the same time remaining in plain sight.

Paul & Artie’s holiday latkes!

Oh so you’re back from your big rock ‘n’ roll party, huh? Do they feed you there? You look so thin have a little latke and say hello to your aunt Betty, she loves you so much you can’t be friendly for a moment?

S&G latkes

Pink is Jewish!: The top 30 Jewish musicians in the world, as per Billboard


Pink is Jewish! So is Paula Abdul! And so is Robert Zimmerman! Well, we knew that last one already, though Bobby prefers to be addressed by his WASP-yer Irish poet pseudonym.

Billboard just printed a numerical ranking of the pop music industry’s 30 most popular Jewish musicians. It’s an amazingly varied, if occasionally fanciful list.

Plenty to chew on in this week of miracles. Fire up the Shamash, spin Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and dig the festival of lights.

Does anybody have a dime? – Your ‘Blazing Saddles’ moment for today


Toll booth sequence: 30 seconds.